Do environmental science classes work well online?



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    While any class can work well online with the correct focus and discipline, there may be potential drawbacks to taking an online science class.

    The sciences have traditionally best learned through a combination of theory, observation and practical application, or as many schools call it, lecture + lab-time. Lacking a traditional lab may make it more difficult to get the experiential and cooperative learning aspect that one usually benefits from when studying the sciences.

    Check out this article, which helps to weigh the benefits/pitfalls of an online education:

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    I took some environmental management courses online and some in the classroom. While the online classes were far more convenient, I do feel that I learned more from being in the classroom without distractions. Online classes take an incredible amount of self-discipline. They also vary tremendously from school to school and professor to professor. Most schools provide access to student comments on their courses and professors. Try to see what previous students have thought of the online experience for the specific course you are considering.

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    I enjoyed an environmental science class online, so I would say yes. It depends on your interests and how well you can focus in an online setting. If you are motivated and can work independently all should work out. On the other hand, if you’re the type that needs constant attention and needs a classroom setting to excel I’d say pass. I understood the materials pretty good and the teacher was very easy to understand. He explained terms in rudimentary terms so even if you had no environmental experience you could comprehend. That factor makes a difference as well in any class.

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    It really depends.  I took an environmental science class at a university and it was a great experience.  What I would worry about the most with an online class is missing out on the lab experiments.  We went to a lot of places outdoors, and it was a really beneficial, hand-on kind of class.  An online class can still be very informative — it just depends on the curriculum and how much you put into the class itself.  

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