Do environment-friendly businesses have more satisfied workers?



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    Some probably do. Some probably don’t. Very challenging to try to quantify this for a real answer.

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    Some research shows that employees who believe their company is doing its part to be green feel better about their company and as a result, are happier in general. These workers are prouder of their company, prouder of their work, and have more faith in what they do.

    Furthermore, some things a business does to go green can have benefits for their employees. Buildings which forego electric lights have natural light instead. Employees exposed to natural light tend to be happier than those in electric light. To minimize driving, companies can also install cafeterias to discourage driving for lunch and installing showers to encourage biking to work. These are both features of a business that make employees happy as well.

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    While I’m don’t think I could say if people in environmental occupations are happier than those that aren’t, Forbes has a list of the “10 Happiest Jobs” and they include Biotechnology, Customer Service, Education, Admin-Clerical, Purchasing-Procurement, Accounting, Finance, Social Service-Non Profit, Health Care, and Legal. I know these are broad, but I think people are happiest in the occupations they are most passionate about. 

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