Do elephants or rhino’s have thicker skin?



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    Both are pachyderms, and both have characteristically thin skin. A rhinocerous has a skin thickness of between 1.3 cm and 4.5 cm, depending on the region of the body, while that of a rhinocerous is 1.0 cm to 3.2 cm. These numbers may vary slightly depending on the type/breed of animal.

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      By characteristically thin skin, do you mean for there size it is pretty thin? More than a centimeter thick is pretty wild! (no pun intended)

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      Yeah, that sounds like pretty thick skin to me. I wonder if chiabia meant “uncharacteristically” thin skin?

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      My pologies for the error: I believe I meant to say that they had characteristically thick skin. Indeed, pachyderms are thick-skinned creatures.

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