Do elephants have a favorite food?



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    There seem to be some varied answers about this. Elephants eat a variety of vegetation, including grass, bark, fruit, roots, leaves, and branches. Their favorites appear to be grass and tree bark. They typically consume an incredible 330 to 375 pounds of food per day.

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    They like peanuts, of course! Or maybe that’s just cartoon elephants. Favorite foods would depend in where the elephant is living, for example, elephants in Asia enjoy eating bamboo, and according to an article in Science Daily, African elephantsenjoy eating the ripe fruit of the Marula tree.

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    I am not sure about the all time favorite foods but when elephants are in captivity they eat a wide variety of treats. Zoos usually attempt to keep their elephants on a diet of vegetable and grains but at times they are also able to eat pumpkins and watermelons. 

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    they do have a favourite food the elephant live nutselephant: big,wrinkly,cuteelephant: big,wrinkly,cute

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