Do elementary schools have science fairs that focus on the environment? Would this be an effective idea?



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    I think it would definitely be a good idea. I am not aware of any schools that FOCUS on environmental science fair projects, but when I was in elementary school and participated in the science fair, there was no specific category that we had to do our project in. So I think students have the freedom to choose whatever topic they want to focus on, and if that is the environment, that’s good for them (and everyone)! I have, however, heard of a High-School in Philadelphia that is participating in a competition to build a hybrid car! But I’m not too sure about any specific elementary schools that focus on the topic put forth in your question; all it takes is a science teacher who knows what’s important… our home! —So, I’m sure there is—both a he and a she out there—somebody, somewhere, doing just that!

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