Do electric eels kill other fish with their electricity?



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    Electrical eels are not typically aggressive fish.  The electrical output primarily acts to repel predators or immobilize prey.  Electrical sensors also allow eels to communicate with one another.  When an eel does release an electrical discharge to kill, they release a 600V single shock.  Though not enough to kill large prey, it does kill the small fish they eat.  If an eel did decide to become aggressive multiple discharges could kill large prey. 

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    Yes, the electric eeel can put out up to 600V in a single shock. Though typically used to ward off predators, they also use it to stun and eat smaller prey. One application that isn’t necessarily predatorial, is the use of low electrical disharge to create a visual field. This skill proves to be very useful for the eel, especially in their most common habitat–muddy waters.

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