Do electric cars drive any differently than gas cars?



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    Companies that make electric cars have been allowing journalists to test drive the vehicles, so the following information comes from their reviews. For the Nissan Leaf, reviewers were pleased with the zippiness when first picking up speed–the car goes from 0-60mph in under 6 seconds. However, when you switch into eco-mode, or when cruising at higher speeds, the car is less zippy, slightly sluggish, even. One big difference is that acceleration is very quiet in the Leaf.

    Another journalist drove Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle, the i-MiEV. Again, a very quiet car. All the reviewer heard were the tires on the road. Though acceleration is speedy, the car drives very differently than gas-powered cars when going down hills. Because the car uses the decline for recharge, when you lift you foot from the accelerator, the car slows down, which can annoy drivers behind you who are able to cruise downhill at a quicker speed.

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