Do fish eat any birds?



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    Sure. Sharks are an obvious example, particularly the ritualized consumption of young albatross by tiger sharks. However, largemouth bass, pike, muskellunge, and other big, predatory freshwater fish will happily take ducklings or other small birds if the opportunity presents itself. The list of predatory fish that will eat a bird is probably much longer than I could possibly explore here, but the thing to remember is that birds just aren’t in a position to be eaten that often — but it certainly happens from time to time. Whether or not the fish in attached video actually eats the duckling is impossible to know for sure, but it shows that fish have no qualms about having a go at a duckling.

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    Large carnivorous fish, such as the alligator gar and the tigerfish, have been known to eat adult waterfowls.

    Piranhas, in groups, can kill and eat waterfowls and small wading birds.

    Sharks do often feed on sea gulls and comorants that swim in the ocean.

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