Do the dogs used for dog sledding like what they do?



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    I think they do.  While I do not have any personal experience with sled dogs I do know these dogs are bred for this sort of activity.  In general, they are treated well, fed well and they get recreation time.  I think if a dog bred for mushing did not like what it was being asked to do, it would not behave and the sled driver would most likely switch it out for a different dog.

    From my personal experience, having sheep herding dogs, but no sheep for the dog to herd, I know she gets a lot of pleasure of herding other items, be it her toys or our family members when we are all outside but spread out.

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    For the most part I would say yes. The dogs that pull sleds are the working class of dogs. They enjoy and have a strong will power to work for both their food and owner and rely on that work for their own mental well being. That may sound silly, but, just like humans, being cooped up and not releasing energy can create a very frusterated and unhealthy dog. Several different types of working dog breeds are used as sled dogs, with only two necessary main qualities: endurance and speed.

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