Do dogs sweat?



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    Dogs do sweat, but in a different way than humans do. Most of a dog’s sweat glands are located around the foot pads. This explains why, when a dog is overheated, it might leave a trail of wet footprints. Dogs primarily rely on other methods of cooling themselves off instead of sweating a lot. Dogs often pant with their mouths open, allowing the moisture on their tongues and the moist lining of their lungs to evaporate. Dogs can also cool off by dilating or expanding blood vessels in their faces or ears. This helps cool the blood by causing it to flow closer to the surface of the skin.

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    Everything sweats lol

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    They do. Although a dog’s primary means of cooling off is panting and dialating blood vessels near the skin on the face, a dog has sweat glands. Most of these are located on the pads of the feet.

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    Yes, they sweat through their pads and their feet – which is why you will often see dogs putting their feet in their water bowls in the summer.  Unlike humans, their skin doesn’t contain sweat glands.  The main way they cool off is by panting, not sweating.  

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