do dogs like to be alone?



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    Dogs, like the wolves they evolved from, are pack animals. When humans keep dogs, it is believed that the dogs perceive this as joining a human pack.

    Generally, pack animals do not like to be alone. Most dog owners will tell you that their dog does not like their master leaving the house without them, impatiently awaits their return, and is very happy to see them return. That’s unlike most cats, for example. Cats are not pack animals, and don’t necessarily care whether their “master” is at home — except at feeding time, for example, or when they want to sleep on a warm bed.

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    I agree. Dogs are pack animals and do not like being alone, although they can tolerate it.

    Dogs see their owners as pack leaders and when left alone, may experience distress. It is possible to train the dog to not become so distressed, but some still bark, howl, claw and chew. This is often referred to as seperation anxiety and it is very similar to the seperation anxiety people feel.

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