Do documentaries do enough to explain the environmental problem?



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    There is never enough we can do to explain the environmental problems on the planet, but we can all do our part.

    Documentaries are a wonderful way to educate us on the state of the planet, the changes we must make in preserving our earth, and those steps we can take to begin the process. Documentaries offer both visual ( one of the most impactful ways in which people learn)and auditory education.

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    Documentaries are often very effective at drawing attention to an environmental problem or any problem. The ability to see images is often more powerful then statistical data or a scientific lecture. Sometimes documentaries are criticized for having too singular a focus. Al Gore’s climate change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” received much criticism about if it explained or failed to explain climate change, but it also drew much attention to a vital world issue. Viewers should always use a documentary as an experience and a starting point to find more information about an issue. I find docs a great way to introduce me to a new topic. “Who Killed the Electric Car” is a great one, as is “Blue Planet.”

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    An Inconvenient Truth,
    The 11th Hour,
    Planet Earth

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    The thing about documentaries is that they usually address a very specific topic.  Therefore, your answer would be no.  However, that’s not to say that watching them doesn’t answer some very specific questions.  I would absolutely recommend investigating many documentaries about the environment — but you need to watch more than one to get a fuller understanding of the problems in our environment.

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    There are so many environmental issues, and for the most part, documentaries deal with specific environmental issues. For the issues that they cover specifically, I think that they are helpful and informative, although they don’t always give both sides to an issue. Be aware of that. But otherwise, sure, I think they’re great.

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