Do different species of bear ever breed?



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    They actually sometimes do! Polar bears and grizzly bears have been known to reproduce together; the first recorded instance was in 2004 in Osnabruck Zoo in Germany. Since then, 17 of these hybrids have lived at that zoo.

    Recently we discovered it happens in the wild too, when hunter David Kuptana shot a strange looking bear in the Northwest Territories in Canada. He took it to some scientists who confirmed with DNA testing that it was a hybrid between the local polar and grizzly bears.

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    Yes, absolutely. It is very rare but there is a naturally occurring hybrid known as a  Prizzly Bear (Grizzly Bear + Polar Bear). This mix is also known as a “grolar.”


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    The Florida panthers used to be hunted during the 1900’s and the few remaining ones were driven to South Florida swamps. At first the panthers were bread them with each other but that lead to health problems. One of the health problems was hearts problems.They then were bread with the Texas cougars, which is what some panthers did in the 19th century. The cougars help the population of the panthers increase. This genetic change has help the panthers for example they now live longer and are better at surviving

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