Do animals with different markings (like dogs with spots and without them) behave differently?



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    Outward markings can often be a good signal that two animals will behave differently, not necessarily because of the markings but because they are different species (or, in the case of dogs, different breeds). If you compare, for instance, a Dalmatian to an Australian shepherd, they are genetically distinct dogs because humans have artificially selected for different traits. The traits that could be different include markings as well as the way they are genetically predisposed to behave.

    Of course, some animals do behave differently according to their markings. An animal with camouflage coloring may stay still, or try to move like a leaf, to blend in with their surroundings. A small animal with bright colors, on the other hand, may move more boldly because predators will assume it is poisonous.

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