Do developed nations deal with their environmental problems better than developing nations?



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    Yes, as a general rule of sociology, more affluent countries and more affluent individuals tend to care more about external problems like the envirnment. This is mainly because while devloping countries pour all their money into building and devolment, richer counties already have a stable infastructure so they can tackle other issues. This is the same reason that middle and upper class members of society tend to be more envirnmentally concious then poorer people. Not only do they have the expendible income and means to do so, but they also have access to the indormation and means to ‘go green.’

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    That said, nations that are considered developed now cared not at all about the environment when they were developing.  It is unfair to attack countries such as India and China that are developing so quickly and saying they are hurting the environment, because the U.S. among others, did the same thing when they started. This is at the heart of the debate over climate change now, and was front and center in Copenhagen.

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