Do creationists believe in global warming?



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    There is a variance, fundamental Christianity does highlight humanity as stewards of the Earth, and thus those that recognize human caused environmental damage are religiously obligated to resist it. However, Creationism is consistently at odds with many in the Scientific community which leads to a certain distrust of scientific data in general.

    Heres a website that attempts to mitigate the two concepts:

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    Not all creationists are created equal. Creationism is not necessarily linked to environmentalism, so there could be a variety of doctrinal opinions about environmentalism among Christians who believe in creationism.

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    I think there’s a bit of a stigma associated with Creationism. A Creationist does not necessarily discount all scientific data, but chooses not to believe in Evolution. In fact, here’s a Creationist website in support of global warming theories:

    Logically, there’s not much of a reason for Creationists to resist environmentalism. If you accept the belief that G-d created the Earth, then it’s sacred, and humans should not desecrate it.

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