Do coupons hurt the environment?



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    In as much as they are printed on paper that is frequently thrown away, they certainly aren’t helping the environment.  According to one source 99% of coupons are thrown away unused; even if some percentage of those makes it to the recycling bin, that is still a pretty unnecessary waste of resources.  

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    Every single thing that people do can be construed as hurting the environment. If you actually want to make a difference, forget about things like coupons and coat hangers and sun block and drive less – much much less.

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    I also think that this question depends on what the coupons are for. Yes, coupons alone aren’t helping the environment, but if they promote buying items that further harm the environment, then this wouldn’t be a good thing. An example of this would be coupons giving discounts for plastic bags. This seems like a double negative, and I would be willing to pay more money to buy the eco-friendly item, rather than the item on sale that doesn’t help the environment. 

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