Do countries that use bidets use any toilet paper?



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    A bidet is a sink like fixture that is meant for sanitation after using the toilet. It is an alternative to toilet paper and does not require any paper with its use. In the US in the houses that have bidets there is generally still toilet paper offered, but in other countries they will many times have one or the other.

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    Of course they do, they just don’t use as much to dab off a little water as opposed to wiping off you know what. But, a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer is so much better than a stand alone bidet and this is why: 1. It’s less expensive (potentially allot less) 2. You can install in yourself = no plumber expense 3. It works better by providing more control of where the water spray goes and a greater volume of water flow. 4. It requires no electricity and there are few things that can go wrong with it. 5. It doesn’t take up any more space, many bathrooms don’t have room for a stand alone bidet. 6. You don’t have to get up and move from the toilet to the bidet which can be rather awkward at times to say the least.

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    Many countries used bidets or some form of washing by water rather than the use of toilet paper.  However, with a more globalized world it seems that toilet paper has made its way into these countries as well.  In order to appeal to a tourist from say America where people are mostly used to toiler paper, a country normally using bidets has tried to incoporate the use of toilet paper.

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    My family is using Bidet (Toilet Seat Attachment) at home under Bidet4me brand.   It works great and it is also very popular in my country, Taiwan.  

    I will recommend it to everone.  


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