Do countries import water?



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    Yes, with the United Kingdom being among them. Although reasons may vary, as droughts and other disasters can dry up, pollute, or contaminate the water supply of a country in a variety of ways, in the UK and other similar countries the greatest problem stems from a lack of space and water for use in agricultural applications, which is not a temporary problem. As a result, they are forced to import a certain amount of water, just to grow domestic crops and other supplies.

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    Yes,  We here in America do it (or at least clam to)  Figi Water, Evian, and other bottled water companies claim to have their water from the untamed wilderness around the world. 

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    Yes. There are many countries around the world which export their water to other countries, this is usually in the form of bottled water, which in intern is bad for the enviroment. When these countries (usually less developed or poorer ones) export their water (usually to more developed richer countries) it may be good for the exporters economy, yet the transporation, manufacturing of bottles, and extraction of water, is a hefty load on our earth. In addition, there are often cases in which there is more water being sold to consumers than being used by the inhabitants on the counrty itself, which also connects the the global issue of the water crisis.

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