Do countries that have water shortages also have food shortages?



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    Yes, there are many third world nations, especially in Africa and the Middle East that struggle to obtain enough food and enough healthy fresh drinking water. Many African countries that may have water sources, have problems with unsanitary drinking water due to lack of sanitation technology in the area.

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    Especially in countries that depend on irrigated farming, water shortages will often also lead to food shortages. About 70% of the fresh water used around the world is used to watering crops and only 8% is used by people to drink and wash [citation 1] so you can see how that’d be a problem.

    In the developed work agriculture uses a much smaller percentage of our freshwater which reflects both the fact that we use/waste a lot more water in our homes, and that agriculture can be much more efficient with water when it uses more expensive and more efficient technology like drip irrigation [citation 2]


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    The two normally go hand in hand. Without water it is almost impossible to crow or sustain crops. Many foods need water as an ingredient or the product won’t have the same quality. Usually countries that are prone to droughts are less advanced and poorer so using a microwave and storing bottled water isn’t an option.

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