Do contractors have to account for their waste and where it ends up?



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    Nope they usually dispose of everything by taking it to the dump… and a lot of the time things could be recycled (or reused— or just used in the first place)… I worked for a roofing company for a little while (not necessarily the same as a contractor, who does construction, but similar) and I remember being amazed by how much stuff they threw away without considering the fact that it wasn’t waste! If it’s cheaper and faster that’s the way the business gets done.  I’m sure there are some contractors who have good environmental practices and do not let things go to waste, but for the most part, people are not really help accountable for their choices to either dump or recycle or waste. (I think there should be a rebate program… if the contractor recycles everything they would otherwise normally be just throwing away, then they should recieve a direct cash rebate for some of their good work!)

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