Do communities that have nuclear power plants near them get any of the money from them?



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    Absolutely. Like any major industrial project anywhere, the siting of a nuclear power plant in a particular community will generate jobs and economic benefits for that community. Right now there are about 5,000 people employed in the United States as power plant operators in nuclear facilities, and the growth in this sector is expected to increase regardless of what the economy does in the next few years. Nuclear power plants employ a large number of people, not just operators but technicians, engineers and support personnel. Some of these jobs pay very well because of the extensive education and credentials needed to operate a nuclear plant safely and effectively. Communities near prospective but not-yet-operational plants like them too, because they provide jobs in construction for local residents. Given the fact that it takes years to get a new nuclear plant up and running, there’s some job security there too, and not just in building a plant: the enormous up-front investment that has to be made by a power company to build a nuclear plant means that once it’s in service they’re going to squeeze every dollar they possibly can out of it for as long as they can, so closing down an existing plant becomes a very unpalatable option from an economic standpoint.

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