Do college students want more green classes to take?



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    I think young people are becoming more aware of the impact of human activity on the environment and are trying to become green concious.  Having green classes in college will only help raise awareness about our fragile environment and human impact.  I believe these classes would be very popular with college kids as they will do much to help understand their role in helping to preserve and live in sync with the earth’s environment.

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    Yes they do. Traditional majors such as economics, engineering, political science, ect., are being fitted with the prefix “envirnomental”, meaning people are graduating with degrees in these areas specifically tailored to be environmentally concious when carrying out whatever it is they are learning about.

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    As a college student, I would say yes.  Drexel University offers a series of university-wide courses on special topics every year.  This year the topic is sustainability and green topics.  Next term they’re focusing on better energy strategies for Philadelphia.  Although I haven’t taken any of them, it’s been very popular throughout the university.

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    Definitely. At my school, Binghamton University, the number of environmental majors has doubled in the past two years. Students are taking environmental classes from different majors for fun and to learn something. I really want them to have an alternative energy class/major, but the department is very small and understaffed.

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