Do cold weather snaps mess up animals migrations patterns?



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    Yes.  Climate change in general is a threat to migratory and non-migratory animals.  Migratory birds are mistiming their migration, leaving later and returning earlier, which leaves them at risk to cold snaps.  The Pacific brant, a sea goose, used to migrate to Mexico from Alaska.  Now, they are staying in their sub-Arctic home where the weather is warm enough and the food sufficient.  If there is a cold snap there, which would not be surprising, the brant would be caught completely offguard in its new winter home.  In Maryland, pelicans did not migrate south and as a result 28 of them got frostbite and had to be nursed back to health by veterinarians.

    The International Union for the Conservation of Nature announced in May 2008 that one in eight bird species are heading for extinction due to climate change.

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