Do coconut palms damage the environment in any way?



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    Coconut palms don’t actually damage the environment themselves, but they can change the ecosystem in a negative way. Seabirds won’t use them to nest in, and will travel further to a more suitable tree. This means that their guano is not as abundant which normally provides nutrients to the soil. This then causes plants that normally grow in the area to stop, which in turn effects the species that normally forages on those plants.

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    Coconut palm trees do not damage the environment really, as they are part of the environment. The argument can be made though that not every environment is suitable for a coconut palm, which can be a burden if not taken placed in an appropriate area. Like most palms, coconut palms thrive in tropical moisture-ridden areas, and demand plenty of water. This predicament can put a person living in an arid or dry area quite wasteful on water that is needed to sustain the coco nut palm. Despite these drawbacks, coconut palm trees have proven very useful for their coconut milk, meat and fronds.

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