Do coal and oil lobbyists make more campaign contributions to democrats or republicans?



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    According to analysis by, the ‘Energy and Natural Resources’ sector contributed $4,476,825 to democrats ($2,747,928 to Obama) and $6,869,133 ($4,080,735 to McCain) to republicans in the 2008 presidential elections. Oil & Gas industry specifically donated $889,051 to Obama and $2,402,437 to McCain, and summed up over all the candidate, 27.8% of contributions went to democrats and 72.1% to republicans.

    Using data from 2009-2010 election cycle, Oil & Gas industry gave a total of $8,162,326, 33% to democrats and 67% to republicans.

    So I’d say that’s about 2:1 to 5:2 in favor of republicans.



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