Do cleaning products contain oil?



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    Some do, but most don’t. For example, Pine-Sol contains pine oil, which is used as an disinfectant.

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    There are many petroleum-based chemicals in cleaning products.  Many of the products do not include all of the petrochemicals on their labels however.  There are non-toxic, or less toxic, alternatives for cleaning products available, mostly household products such as: baking soda, lemon, salt, vinegar…

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    I’m going to second freedomtoasts answer and add that many of the plastic bottles (PET, PVC, ABS, PE…) that the cleaning products come in are made with petroleum as well.  

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      wow, I hadn’t really thought about that. I usually try to buy 7th Generation but I hadn’t thought about petroleum in the packaging. I wonder if they use different/better packaging than the non-green companies, or if it is all the same?

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