Do the Chinese use more or less water than we do in America?



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    Good question, Oberon.  It would appear as though they do.  As of 2000, China withdrew about 550 km^3 of freshwater for the year as opposed to the United States that withdrew about 477 km^3.

    Hope this helps!

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    One might think that China’s higher population would imply that they use more water. In fact, people in China may use less water than the average American, though largely due to the fact that China is suffering from water shortages. Water pollution and inefficient usage have been cited as causes of the water shortages in many Chinese cities. Thus, regardless of how China’s water usage compares to America’s, China is in dire need of ways to get more out of its water supply.

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    Per capita (per person) water use in China is lower that in the US. However, due to their incredibly large population, in total as a country they consume more water than the U.S.

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