do certain crops take a lot more land to grow than others?



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    Yes. Although I’m not an authority on the subject, so be forewarned as this is essentially a layman’s understanding, certain crops are much more intensive on the soil, and provide different amounts of room to grow for maximum production. Other crops can rejuvenate the soil and whatnot, and obviously some plants are simply much larger than others.

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    Absolutely. Even as a casual gardener, the fact is obvious. Consider pumpkins and other vine-based plants which need lots of room to spread. These plants are simply going to take more physical space to grow than, for example, corn — which grows straight up and grows fine crammed together. And, of course, crops vary in their needs for water, sun, soil nutrients, etc., and these factors can all influence how much land (and more generally, how many resources) it takes to grow them.

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