Do certain art mediums, like oil paintings, cause any harm to the people creating them?



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    Using spray paint (for painting, graffiti, etc) can cause respiratory problems. Wearing a mask when using spray paint is always advised, in both outdoor and indoor environments.

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    One of the most famous examples of a harmful medium is liquid mercury, used by Alexander Calder in 1937 to make a fountain.

    Here is a picture of “Mercury Fountain”, which is now on display behind glass (for safety) at the Fundacio Joan Miro in Barcelona:

    Other examples of harmful media are the artists’ bodies themselves.  Chris Burden was one of the most influential body artists, allowing himself to be shot in front of an audience at a gallery and another time having his hands nailed to a VW Beetle in the manner of the Crucifixion.  Check out the link below to learn more, as some of the images are graphic.

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