Do cells have a lifespan?



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    Yes; different types of cells have differing lengths of time that they will function normally before dividing into two daughter cells. The cells that divide the fastest are the ones that need to replace those that are destroyed or leave the body; skin cells to replace the ones we constantly shed, hair, and cells that line the stomach and intestines. The cells that “live” the longest before reproducing include heart, eye, kidney and some brain cells. Red blood cells have a medium lifespan of 120 days. Cells in the body that go through their lifespan very quickly, and thus divide out of control, are the cause of cancer.

    For single-celled organisms like most bacteria, the lifespan of the cell is, of course, the same as their own lifespan. They also have highly variable lengths of time before dividing, especially since many can create dormant spores that last for years with no activity. One spore is thought to have lain dormant for 250 million years, and still was able to continue its life cycle!

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