Do cell phone towers put off any radiation?



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    Cellular towers do put off a type of radiation, but it is not the ultra dangerous kind you find in atomic fallout and nuclear waste.  The “signal” going to and coming from the tower is composed of electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves.  Physically, radio waves are exactly the same as visible light, only they have much longer wavelengths, so your eye cannot see them.  Electromagnetic radiation with long wavelengths does not carry much energy, but it is possible that very large doses can cause health concerns. 

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    Extensive research has been done to determine whether or not radiation from cell phone towers are dangerous. These are contradicting, some say they have no negative effects on the human whatsoever, others found that over long exposure humans suffer from cell damage, brain tumors, cancer, depression, miscarriage, Alzheimer’s disease among others. But mind you, these are such big dosages of radiation that you would have to spend hours living next to one for several years and even then you might not develop any of these diseases. 

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