Do cell phone towers put off any emissions?



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    The EMF performs tests on cell phone towers, upon request, to determine radiation exposure levels of a given site.  The Federal Communications Commission established regulations in 1996 regarding amounts of electromagnetic radiation considered unsafe for humans to be exposed to.  Most cell phone towers give off a radio frequency field that is under one percent of the Maximum Permissible Exposure level.  On the other hand, research conducted by Dr. Henry Lai of the bioengineering department at Washington University insists that the form of radiation emitted by cell phone towers is extremely harmful to human health, potentially causing DNA damage, disruption to neural functioning, and even cancer.  Cell phone tower radiation not only effects humans, but farmers have reported unusual behavior in animals living in proximity to a cell phone tower.  There is strong evidence that cell phone signals interfere with the homing patterns of bees, which is believed to pose a threat to the food chain.

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