Do caves grow?



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    Yes, most caves do expand. Usually, cave are formed because of water erosion over a long period of time. Many caves today are still being eroded slowly, and very gradually get bigger.

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    Caves are one of the few places where you can see rocks that do grow over time. Dripping water causes these growths. The water dissolves a mineral out of limestone called calcium carbonate. Over time, they crystallize into a rock called calcite. As more layers of calcite build upon old ones, the growths get bigger. Scientists often call these growths cave deposits. They often look like icicles either dripping down from caves or growing upward. “STALACTITES are Cave Deposites that grow down from the ceilings of caves and STALAGMITES are Deposites that grow up from cave floors.” If they grow together, they may form columns. Draperies are also common rock formations in caves.

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