Do cats or dogs smell worse?



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    Uh…I think this might be a completely subjective question. Here are some reasons I can think of to support why:
    Cats are smellier:
    -their litter box is indoors
    -woah nelly, cat poo is one of the smelliest in the world.

    Dogs are smellier:
    -I know I can recognize the distinctive “wet dog” smell, but I don’t know if cats smell different when they’re wet…

    Ultimately, I think that cats are smellier, but that’s because I prefer dogs and so dog smell is more acceptable to me. You become accustomed to what you’re around most.

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    I agree with alillstrom that the question is subjective. I’ve had both cats and dogs as companions. I disagree that cats are smellier since cats are very good about cleaning themselves several times a day with their tongues that contain papillae. Also, in my experience, cats don’t have an odor when they get wet – probably due to the fact that they clean themselves multiple times each day.

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    I think an answer to this question depends on a person’s opinion. In my opinion, I think cats can make a house smell worse than a dog. I think this is because a litter box is always in the house, compared to a dog being walked every day outside of the house.

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