do cat have nine lifes



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    No, it is a myth.

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    They don’t, but the myth comes from the fact that cats can survive long falls and other near-death situations through lithe and craftiness, and the luckiness of the number 9 (trinity of trinities). The myth was once a commonplace belief, dating back to ancient Egypt and even the Medieval Ages, so if you want to believe it personally, that’s cool too.

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    no it is not true because it a myth!

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    I’ve never heard of a cat that lived more than once. I think this myth stems from the ability of cats to fend for themselves extraordinarily well as well as their ability to almost always land on their feet.

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    Some cats are lucky and can escape danger. This might make them appear that they have nine lives. They also always land on their feet, so they survive falls that might injure or kill other animals. In this way, again, they might appear to have many opportunities to continue live.

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