Do candles put off any damaging gases?



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    They can, especially scented candles. You also need to be on the lookout for candles with lead wicks. Paraffin wax candles give off benzene and tolulene. Soy and beeswax candles are safer, less toxic alternatives.

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    Yes. Once burned it releases toxins that are known carcinogens such as benzene and toluene which are inhaled and linger in the areas they are burned in. Not to mention the soot that leaves its residue on walls, eventually greying fabrics and ceilings. Soot from paraffin candles contains many of the same toxins found in diesel fuel.

    Paraffin candles are as dangerous to the lungs as second-hand smoke and even more so if you are in the habit of burning many at the same time. It is also a non-renewable resource.

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