Do candles produce harmful vapors?



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    Paraffin candles, which are commonly used, can be harmful if their fumes are inhaled. Paraffin is a petroleum product that has acrolyn, a carcinogen, in it. When it is burned, this and other toxins are released into the air and linger. Gel candles pose similar dangers, and smart alternatives are soy and beeswax, which although they may be more expensive, are a safer and more sustainable option.

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    According to this scientist at Cornell, “As wax vapor is burned it turns into soot (amorphous carbon particles) that is also carried away by thermal convection (smoke) and sometimes left as a black residue after combustion.” It’s not really detrimental health-wise, but can eventually coat walls and surfaces with wax as the vapor condenses and collects over time.

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    Candles produced fron sunthetic materials produce harmful vapour while candles produced merely from beewax may produce harmful vapour but in a negligible quantity.

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