Do butterflies or regular flies have a shorter life span?



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    It all depends on the species of fly and butterfly. Many species of butterflies live only about a week or two, with the males living a few days less than the female. In other species it may last several months. Some species that emerge in late summer hibernate overwinter in a sheltered spot. The monarch butterfly for example migrates south in fall and northward in spring. These species may survive 8-9 months or longer. The lifespan of flies also varies on the species. The average natural life span of the fruit fly for example is 30 days in optimal temperatures. 

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    The life span of the insect depends on a variety of factors. As far as butterflies and regular flies go, it depends on the type of butterfly and fly.

    For this example, let’s compare the lifespans of the monarch butterfly and the house fly. Monarch butterflies have a very different life span depending on when they emerge from pupae state into adult butterflies. Monarchs that emerge in early summer may only live a few weeks, while monarchs that emerge late in summer and migrate south can live as long as nine months.

    The life span of the house fly varies depending on the fly’s sex. Adult male house flies live anywhere from 15-30 days after emerging from the pupae state, and females live at least a month into adulthood in order to produce more eggs.

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