do bulls see in color? do dogs see in color? do cats see in color?

it is for science do they see in color or no.



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    Cats have weak color vision, but can detect some color distinction.  Cattle eyes do not contain cones, therefore it is believed that bulls cannot see colors.  Dogs are believed to see in color.

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    Any deficiency in color perception is considered “colorblindness,” so dogs are colorblind, but they can perceive some colors, such as yellow and blue, but not others.  They can see shades of gray.  Cats cannot distinguish between shades of red.  Similarly, members of the bovine species are red/green colorblind.  If you’re wondering how a matador gets the bull to charge, it’s the motion he makes with the cape, not the color, that excites him!


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    Dogs and cats do possess some color receptive cones, but not nearly as many as humans. Dogs appear to have similar vision to that of some color-blind human, specifically the color-blind humans that lack the green cones. Cats have even further limited color vision, but they are capable of seeing in some color.

    Although we have limited knowledge when it comes to the color vision of animals, new studies are being conducted on a regular basis and we’re getting closer to finding out these answers each day. I’m including an article (second citation) which goes into further detail on this subject and the information covers a wide variety of animals. I think you may find it interesting and quite helpful on your quest for knowledge!


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