Do bullets lodged into trees hurt the trees health at all?



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    Yes. Any object that penetrates the bark of a tree will allow bacteria and fungus to get inside the tree and potentially make the tree sick. In addition, in a healthy tree, water flows upwards from the roots throughout the tree. A bullet wound may impede this flow.

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    Of course Baptiste, You are still shooting a living thing, so obviously it will harm the plant. Kind of you to ask beforehand though. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Bullets COULD hurt the tree, but most likely will not. The tree might reject it, in which case I would assume the bullet would be pushed out of the tree (slow process).I am relating this to bolts and fasteners used to build tree houses. Trees sometimes reject the big bolts but often, they grow around them. 

    Water flows upwards yes, but unless your bullet is very powerful, I do not think it will disrupts the trees ability to bring up water.  Infections and diseases are not likely in my opinion. Most trees get sick from roots up.

    p.s. more or less recently, they found bullets in a tree from the civil war in the Gettysburg national military park. I am not sure when the tree fell, but it stood for at least 40 years with multiple bullets in it.

    I am not saying go shoot trees, but I would like to pount out that sometimes nature is not as weak as you would think.

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