Do botanical gardens serve any purpose environmentally?



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    Botanical gardens, as well as seed banks, can be thought of as libraries of plant species which catalog the genetic information of our most valuable resources. Plants give us everything we need from food to oxygen to medicine which means that in order to better survive as a species, it is in our best interest to fully collect and understand as many plants as possible. Environmentally, botanical gardens can be said to preserve and promote biodiversity of not only plants, but all organisms dependent upon them, such as bees and butterflies. As industrial agriculture continues to favor a tiny variety of food crops, pests are constantly evolving to try and bypass the pesticides; this is why biodiversity is so important, because a single weakness in a plant or a single strength in a pest will not decimate the entire crop if the crop is diverse. Botanical gardens, aside from being pretty, are actually quite environmental as they contain extremely useful information about a critical resource.

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