Do border patrol agents do anything to help the environment?



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    There are many problems, political and environmental, surrounding the U.S. border patrol today. The Department of Homeland Security is currently in conflict with environmental protection groups in Arizona, Texas, and California where the building of a wall has been proposed that will cut through areas of designated wilderness. The wall has yet to be built and the project and testing have gone through delays, but immigrants trek through these areas of wilderness in cars leaving behind trash and contaminating water. As border patrol agents follow and patrol these areas they leave tracks and trash as well nearly doubling the environmental impact as these immigrants cross the border. No solution has been reached and in some stations border patrol has stated that it is not their job to protect the environment. 

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    I live near the border and often pass check-points at Border Patrol Stations to cross to Mexico or just to leave north. What the previous answer said was true, there are lots of poltiical and environmental tensions with the US border patrol. The wall that was being built to help againt illegal immigration was a major source of distress since it cut into people’s land – land that has been into people’s family for generations – and UTB. It impacted the environment because it destoryed natural habitat for animals like the Ocelot. It has been reported that the border fence impacted 60%-70% animals.

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