do black bears eat lions?



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    If you’re referring to the African lion, then no.  Black bears and lions exist on totally separate continents, the black bear being in North America and the lion being in Africa.  The only way they would cohabitate is if humans for some reason put them together.

    Cougars, also known as mountain lions, do have shared habitats with black bears.  If a bear came across a weakened or young cougar, perhaps it might try to eat it.

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    Black bears do not prey on lions. Black bears are found in North America while lions are found in Africa. Black bears are omnivores, meaning they feed on plants and animals. They like to eat fish and other small mammals, but also will eat berries and other plant matter. Black bears are smaller than their close relatives, the grizzly bear, which can feed on much larger prey. However, grizzly bears also live on a different continent than lions.

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