Do biofuels help or hurt the environment?



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    As with anything else, there are upsides and downsides to the production and consumption of biofuels.  On the upside, they are renewable, and burning biofuel does not emit greenhouse gasses or produce air pollution.  On the downside, when one factors in the energy and agricultural land needed to mass-produce plant-based fuels, it becomes questionable as to whether or not we’re actually “saving” energy.  One study actually found that producing ethanol from corn actually required 29% more energy than it saves.  It has been said that to replace a mere 5% of our country’s fuel needs with biofuel would require the conversion of 60% of our agricultural land to producing corn for fuel only.  That’s just a poor use of land.  When it comes to fuel, the most effective solution is to simply reduce our consumption.

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