Do biofuels cause strain on our agricultural industry?



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    Biofuels are not used heavily yet, so there is talk on both sides of whether or not they will be harmful.  Skeptics say that widespread use of biofuels would require us to convert all available forests, fields, and farmlands into areas to grow biofuel.  They also claim that if we replaced just 5% of the world’s use of diesel to biodiesel, it would require the conversion of 60% of the world’s soy crops from food to fuel. 

    Another worry is that nurturing biofuels will necessarily lead to exacerbation of the water shortages many parts of the world are already experiencing.

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    Not strain that the agricultural industry already feels. From a short-term economic perspective, many in the agricultural sector are pleased with idea of biofuels, as it gives them a larger market for their product. However, from an environmental persective biofuels generated from agricultural feedstocks would likely strain the natural resouces that the agricultural sector depends on (e.g. water, top soil, fertilizers etc).

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