Do Bill Gates and Warren Buffet support green initiatives?



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    I know Bill Gates does.  At the Climate Solutions fundraiser in Seattle, WA in May 2011, Bill Gates said, “Climate change is one of the most important issues of our day.” Through his philanthropic organization, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he urges to reduce CO2 emissions down to zero by 2050, and advocates a speedy transition from coal and natural gas to natural alternatives.

    Several subsidary companies that Warren Buffet has invested in promote green energy, including a line of green prefab homes, wind energy, and green car batteries. However, he recently rejected emissions goals for Berkshire Hathaway, for financial reasons and also holds many investments in coal and other non-eco friendly industries.

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    Gates and others founded the American Energy Innovation Council. This council lobbied unsuccessfully the federal government to spend $16 billion a year on renewable energy development in 2010. Bill Gates has also invested in clean energy startups on his own.
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