Do bigger people produce more carbon dioxide?



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    I don’t think that would hold up for everyone.  Part of the carbon footprint of a person comes from the food they eat.  Suppose you have a 300 pound person who is vegetarian, vs a 150 pound mostly carnivore.  While meat generally has a larger footprint that vegetables, you have to also consider the relative distance they live from the food they eat.  It is also possible that someon like Michael Phelps (wikipedia says he weighs 200 pounds) has a larger footprint than four 100 pound people because he requires more food to fuel his body (he eats 8-10,000 calories a day during training). Lastly, some of the humans that may have the largest footprint are babies.  They require a lot of diapers to get through one week, and not to mention all the other disposables parents often use for convenience sake.

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