Do beavers eat trees?



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    Beavers eat part of trees, yes. “Most of the beaver’s diet is made up of tree bark and cambium, the soft tissue that grow under the bark of a tree. They especially like the bark of willow, maple, birch, aspen, cottonwood, beech, poplar, and alder trees. Beavers also eat other vegetation like roots and buds and other water plants. The beaver has a specialized digestive system that helps it digest tree bark.”

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    Beavers are herbivores and in the spring and summer, eat fresh buds, greens, grass, leaves and aquatic plants. Because they don’t hibernate in the winter, they store fat and eat the inner bark of trees and small twigs from the trees used to make their dams. While they may ingest a small amount of wood as they eat, they cannot digest it readily and it is not what they are after.

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    Beavers cut down trees and eat some parts of the trees. They also use the trees to construct dams and lodges where they live. They dam up the water in creeks and rivers and provide an area to build their lodge. In the lodge they give birth and raise their young. Beaves are herbivores and do feed exclusively on plants.

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