Do bears shed their fur?



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    Yes, they do! Grizzly, black and brown bears have warm winter coats, which they start shedding later in the Spring. They start to regrow this coat right about now–between late August and October. According to credible sources, polar bears also participate in shedding their furs in May/June so they don’t overheat in warmer weather. The new coats of polar bears look white, whereas right before they molt, it is more yellowish.

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    Each year in the beginning of the summer season bears shed their fur. They have two types of fur that they shed-underfur, which is soft and used mainly for insulation, and outer guard hairs, which are used to protect the bear from foreign objects. Once molted, they are left with only a much lighter summer undercoat. Each individual bear has their own shedding pattern interestingly enough, with varying rates and ways of losing their coats.

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